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Consider Donating Before You Throw Away

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Drug Donation

Donating drugs is another way to remove unneeded prescription drugs from your home with the added benefits of helping others in need and protecting the environment.

As much as $11 billion in unused medicine is discarded each year.

Nearly 1 in 4 Americans say it is difficult to afford their medications according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Medication destruction can cost $1 to $3 per pound, estimates SIRUM.

Where to Donate Medicine

Several state boards of pharmacy will refer you to organizations that accept unused medications and sharps from out-of-state consumers. Contact your state board of pharmacy to learn more about drug donation programs.  

You can also contact your local animal shelter, health department, or other local organizations, such as shelters, relief agencies, or religious institutions, to see if they accept medical donations.

Drug Donation Programs:

Learn more about medicine donation and share this flyer to spread the word.

Types of Prescription Drug Donations

Your prescription may be eligible to donate if it is:  

  • Sealed/unopened 
  • At least 5 months before its expiration date  
  • Non-refrigerated  
  • Non-controlled  

Donating Medical Supplies

Unexpired medical supplies, new or gently used durable medical equipment, and biomedical devices are also accepted by many medical supply donation programs. Diabetes and asthma supplies are among the common consumer inquiries.

Medical Supply Donations: