Safe Pharmacy

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones. Understand Safe Pharmacy Practices.

Safe Pharmacy provides resources about medication safety, prescription drug misuse, medication disposal, and safely buying medications online.

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Avoid fraudulent and unsafe prescription medication by purchasing from legitimate sites. Enter a website URL to verify before you buy using the Safe Site Search Tool.

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Disposing of drugs safely is one way to prevent misuse. Search the Drug Disposal Locator Tool for permanent drug disposal boxes in your area.

Protecting Public Health through Medication Safety Awareness

Over 40,000 websites NABP has identified fail to comply with NABP patient safety and pharmacy practice standards, or applicable laws.

As much as $11 billion of unused medicine is discarded each year.

Nearly 20% of adults in the US provides health care assistance to an older adult relative or friend.

3.1% of people 12 and over reported misusing prescription pain relievers in the past 12 months.

Buy Safely

Verify before you buy medication online to help protect your loved ones. Search for safe sites and learn how to identify an unverified one.


95% of illegal online pharmacies reviewed by NABP did not require a valid prescription for the sale of prescription-only medicine.


Drug counterfeiting and online distribution are the largest forms of organized crime representing $75 billion annually.

Drug Disposal

Dispose of unused or unneeded medication at drug disposal locations nationwide to help prevent poisoning and misuse.


More than 2/3 of emergency department visits for accidental pediatric medication exposures involve children 2 or younger.


43% of accidental medicine exposure in children involves medicine stored in child-resistant containers.

Safe Use

Understand guidelines for safely using medication for you and your loved ones.


10,000 kids under 18 years of age visit the emergency room each year due to errors from self-administering OTC medicine.


Accidental pain medication consumption makes up almost 12% of the reported calls to America’s Poison Centers.

Prevent Misuse

Know what to look for and how you can help prevent drug misuse and overdose.


On average, 16 million Americans 12 or older abuse prescription medicines each year.


44% of people 12 or older who misused prescription pain medicine received, stole, or bought it from a friend or relative.