Find safe websites to purchase medicine or find medication-related information and services.

The .Pharmacy Verified Websites Program helps you separate the good websites from the bad. And there are plenty of bad ones. Out of almost 12,000 websites that NABP reviewed, nearly 95% of them operate out of compliance with pharmacy laws and practice standards that protect the public health. The .Pharmacy domain is a signal of safety on the web.

Is your business interested in applying for a .Pharmacy domain? Visit the NABP .Pharmacy page for more information.

Below are just a few of the risks you take when using an unverified website:

  • Receiving pills that contain such fillers as drywall and rat poison
  • Having your financial and other personal information stolen
  • Having your email inbox flooded with spam that could infect your home computer with viruses

In the worst cases, people have died from receiving counterfeit medications that didn’t treat their serious medical conditions. And rogue websites are prime outlets for traffickers who want to sell medications illegally to people who abuse them, contributing to the prescription drug abuse epidemic.

As this video explains, you can’t trust a website just because it looks legitimate.

How do I find a safe site?

Luckily, you don’t have to take your chances when looking for medications or medication-related information online. Visit our Find a Safe Site page to see a list of verified websites. You can also make sure to avoid the sites that are listed on our Not Recommended Sites directory. And to help protect others, you can Report Abuse if you find a website that seems to be acting illegally.


Find a Safe Site

What is .pharmacy and how does it protect me and my family?

The .Pharmacy Verified Websites Program is a program from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy that identifies online pharmacies and pharmacy-related websites around the globe as safe and legitimate. We make it easier for you to know whether a website is trustworthy. All you have to do is look for the .pharmacy domain at the end of a website’s URL, like you would “.com,” or “.biz.”

Only websites that we’ve verified are allowed to use .pharmacy in their web addresses. Our verification process is thorough. We ensure that websites are properly licensed and meet our program standards. These standards require the company that runs a website:

  • To be licensed, registered, or hold appropriate permits where it is headquartered and where its customers reside
  • To dispense prescription medications only after receiving a valid prescription
  • To protect patient medical and financial information
  • To have a clean disciplinary record

You can read more details about our program standards on the NABP website.