Millions of Consumers Shown Value of .Pharmacy Domains Through Outreach Campaign

January 19, 2017

NABP reached millions of US consumers in 2016, letting them know that websites ending in the .pharmacy suffix are safe and legitimate. In January 2016 NABP re-released its 2015 public service announcement (PSA) for television, which was viewed 189 million times. In May 2016, NABP distributed a new TV and radio PSA. These were seen 93 million times and heard 10 million times. Both TV PSAs are available to view and share in the Buying Safely section of In June, .pharmacy digital banner ads began running online. These were viewed online 33 million times and clicked on nearly 110,000 times. That is a click-through rate of 0.33%, which far exceeds the industry average of 0.07%. In July, posters were placed on public transportation, in bus transit shelters, and in shopping malls. These posters received 674 placements and are estimated to have been viewed over 100 million times. All websites using a .pharmacy domain name are listed on Through these and other outreach tactics, NABP will continue educating consumers on the value of the .pharmacy domain and the entities who use it.