.Pharmacy Domain Name Registrations Continue to Grow

November 23, 2016

As of November 18, 2016, NABP has approved 420 domain names for registration in the .pharmacy TLD. To date, 253 domain names have been registered. Of these, eight currently use .pharmacy as their primary domain name:

In addition, NABP’s three websites use .pharmacy as the primary domain name: www.safe.pharmacy, www.awarerx.pharmacy, and www.nabp.pharmacy.

Of the remaining registered domain names, 110 redirect to preexisting domain names, and 131 remain parked. NABP states in its .pharmacy transition guide, “[T]he ultimate goal is to transition from your previously existing, or legacy, domain name to your .pharmacy domain name within six months of registration. While not the quickest or easiest option, this holistic approach is, by far, the most effective long-term way to build the online reputation and web presence you want.”