Internet Community Members Debate Their Role in Consumer Safety Online

November 23, 2016

During the ICANN57 meeting in Hyderabad, India, one of the topics that came up in multiple sessions was internet community members’ roles (or lack thereof) in keeping consumers safe online. Some argue that the domain name system is merely a device and a facilitator for communication, and that it is not the job of registries, registrars, or ICANN to filter that communication. Others maintained that these entities should be accountable for compliance with all applicable laws – especially those designed for consumer safety. Many attendees, including law enforcement, registry operators, and ICANN’s compliance officer, stressed that registry operators and registrars have the right (if not the duty) to refuse to do business with criminals. A November 7, 2016 article on Domain Incite provides further reflection on this issue. NABP strongly believes that the .pharmacy TLD, along with its approved registrars and registrants, plays an important role in protecting patients online.