Consortium Launches Website to Highlight the Value and Relevance of Verified Domains

November 23, 2016

The Verified Top-Level Domains (vTLD) Consortium has launched a website to highlight the value of domain names that are vetted prior to registration to ensure their adherence to registry standards. Unlike open TLDs (eg, .com or .net), in which anyone can obtain a domain name by simply paying a nominal fee, vTLD Consortium registry operators grant domain names only to applicants that undergo a verification process to establish that the applicant is a legitimate entity that is relevant to the specific vTLD, the Consortium states in a November 3, 2016 news release. The vTLD Consortium’s website,, aims to enhance public knowledge about the unique value of vTLDs as legitimate and trusted channels for products, services, and communications online, the news release states. NABP helped to found the vTLD Consortium along with seven other members that are registry operators for 14 vTLDs.