Most Drugs Sold by Rogue Online Drug Sellers Pose Serious Risks to Anyone Who Takes Them, Politico Reports

January 20, 2015

Consumers who buy prescription drugs from illegal online drug sellers that advertise via spam or other disreputable methods are gambling with their lives, according to a new article published in Politico. In fact, many illegal online drug sellers are importing drugs that have been banned or restricted in the United States due to dangerous side effects. Further, consumers who receive these potentially dangerous drugs are not provided with warnings about side effects or instructions for taking the medications to prevent injury or other adverse effects. To highlight the gravity of the issue, the article references the case of Marcia Bergeron, a Canadian woman who died after being exposed to uranium and lead via counterfeit medications she purchased online.

To help consumers in the US find the safest sources for purchasing medications online, NABP developed the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites® (VIPPS®) program. NABP encourages consumers to look for the VIPPS Seal and to check NABP’s list of accredited sites on the AWARXE® Prescription Drug Safety Program website. In addition, consumers can watch for pharmacy sites using the newly launched .pharmacy Top-Level Domain; sites in the domain (with a website address ending in .pharmacy) have been reviewed by NABP and are found to be legitimate online pharmacies and resources adhering to applicable pharmacy laws and best practices.